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Bigger, Faster, Stronger -- Not Just for Athletes

02/25/2013, 11:25am EST
By Allie Wehunt, PT, DPT

What I gained from my experience as a Neurologic Physical Therapy Resident.

Embarking on a neurologic physical therapy residency program as a new graduate was not only a tough decision, but also one of the most rewarding decisions I can remember.  The knowledge, clinical skills, and professionalism I have gained in one year has effectively changed the way I practice; it has made me bigger, faster, and stronger. For example, it has increased the size of my “PT toolbox,” improved the efficiency of assessments, and strengthened my knowledge and clinical skills.  The residency has engrained the importance of professionalism and life-long learning into my everyday practice.

There were certainly times during this past year that I was not feeling “bigger, faster, stronger” in terms of my clinical skills; however the residency has taught me the value of self-reflection for both my strengths and weakness as a physical therapist.   Although most of the hard times usually involved the writing a case study, I can look back now and be thankful for the opportunity I was given.  Residency programs are designed to be challenging and thought stimulating; after all, sound clinical decision-making is what drives expert clinicians.

I highly recommend new graduates consider the opportunity that residency programs offer in order to advance their skill and decision-making that is necessary for exceptional patient care.  Ultimately, I believe we should all strive for “bigger, faster, stronger“ in order to provide the best physical therapy our profession has to offer.


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