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I Have Something to Say

01/05/2014, 6:45pm EST
By Amy Arundale, PT, DPT, PES, CES

Sharing Your Voice With Others

Have you ever been to CSM (or another conference) and had an idea for a session? If you have an idea for a CSM session, you should propose it! Many times I’ve heard young APTA members wonder how they can present or wish they had different course options. Well here’s your chance- it’s not hard! Propose what you want to see for CSM 2015!


Here’s a few hints for putting together a proposal:

1) Know your deadlines. Abstracts for educational sessions are due March 4th! (Scientific abstracts are due June 2nd). 

2) Make a catchy title. When you look through the CSM schedule, you judge each session based on its title. Having a title that stands out, will catch the eye, and attract an audience.

3) Identify a sponsor section.  When you propose an educational session at CSM it is sponsored by a section. Soon after the abstract deadline the programming chairs from each section get together and each will choose a slate of sessions. Sometimes sessions that aren’t chosen by their primary section will get picked up by another section. Making contact with a section and sometimes even a secondary section is valuable in making sure your session is selected.

4) If you’re new to presenting, find some experienced speakers to back you up. Often the second thing after the title people look for is who is speaking. Having a big name speaker will help you gain an audience, but it will also help you get accepted.

5) You don’t have to talk the whole time. The APTA and sections like to know what teaching strategies you will use. Think about your lectures in school. You learned better in classes that mixed it up and didn’t just lecture. The same is true for CSM sessions! Change it up, have some small group discussions, panel discussions, activities… These will make your session more interesting, ease the burden of coming up with content, as well as make it more appealing!  

6) All you need to know is at the submission portal;

7) Have fun, get creative, and mix it up!


We’re the next generation of leaders in PT- I can’t wait to see what ideas you have!!

Amy will be presenting at CSM 2014 in Vegas along with Dan Dale and Efosa Guobadia

Since Vision 2020 was adopted by the APTA House of Delegates in 2000, we have become familiar with the components of Vision 2020 and the goals which it set out for the physical therapy profession. After much collaboration and work, APTA has produced a new Vision, which was brought to the 2013 House of Delegates for approval. This interactive session will allow attendees to better understand the Vision, build on it, and help find your contribution to the future of the profession.

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