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Why You Should Know About #GlobalPTConnect

11/10/2014, 6:15pm EST
By Josh D'Angelo, PT, DPT

The hashtag behind a movement

Josh D'Angelo, PT, DPT

Imagine this- 

You want to travel to Europe to see Paris and London, but you aren't quite sure how to plan the trip, where to go, or where to stay. 

What if you could reach out to a physiotherapist who lives in Paris and get his/her recommendations? What if you could meet that physio and learn about the profession in Europe while you are there? 

Or imagine this- 

You want to do a service trip to Africa, but you are not sure of an organization that is well respected, safe, and has a truly sustainable mindset.

What if you could reach out to a PT from Africa who could set you up with a great organization? 

What if you had an international network of PTs?

Six months ago, I had never traveled outside of North America. While I felt a growing itch to do international service, it just never seemed feasible. Little did I know a spur of the moment decision would make it all possible.   

After seeing pictures of a friend on an international service trip, I shot a facebook message to Efosa and asked if I could join on his next mission trip. Less than an hour later, he responded and said he would pull me in.

Efosa led me through the process of preparing for international service and inspired me to get to know the profession across the world. The preparation and trip took time off from work, months of planning, and moments of stepping outside my comfort zone, but I grew from the experience more than I could have ever imagined.

Since that spur of the moment decision, I have been to Guatemala twice, had experiences that helped me better understand different cultures, and grown more than ever as a person and healthcare provider. International service is something that all PTs should have the opportunity to experience. Fortunately, social media is making it more possible than ever.

The vision behind #GlobalPTConnect is to develop a deep and diverse network of global PTs. It’s not necessarily about taking a trip, but more about bringing the global PT family together.

Whether you want to get resources from Europe, volunteer for an organization in Africa, or travel to Asia and in the process get to know our profession, using #GlobalPTConnect on Facebook and Twitter can make it possible; it allows you to reach out to someone within the PT family anywhere in the world.

#GlobalPTConnect improves our global communication, facilitates skill and resource sharing, and encourages world exploration. 

For me, it only took one Facebook message to change my life. For you, it may be one tweet or one post, one connection you never thought you would make. 

And with your help, we can bring the global PT family together and grow with each other on the journey of professional development. 

Sponsored by Josh D'Angelo, DPT

Josh D'Angelo, DPT

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Josh D'Angelo served as APTA Student Assembly President in 2013 and is now active with APTA's DC Chapter and Private Practice Section. He graduated from George Washington University's Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in 2013, where he was the University's sole student to win the George Washington Award. Josh is also a former APTA Mary McMillan Scholarship awardee and is currently practicing in the outpatient orthopedic setting in Washington, D.C. He is passionate about using the unique skillset physical therapists offer to serve the greater DC community. Josh is an integral part of the PT Haven team via editing and content creativity. 

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