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Thank you to all!

07/14/2015, 9:15am EDT
By Meghan Simonetti

Life is short. Life is busy.


Taking the time to be engaged with PT Haven as an author or as a spectator takes time - and we greatly appreciate it!


In 2010, Efosa Guobadia wrote, "The problem is that - not enough people ever get these same great experiences. They just never get beyond the first stage that is necessary in most relationships – They may meet Physical Therapy… but they never get to know it. That’s where we come in. We need to be unselfish in our love and spread it to others. We need to play matchmaker and let the public know how great of a profession this is. We have to be advocates in all that we do. When we practice in our rotations, when our friends ask us about the scope of what we do, and when we do interviews, we have to constantly present our profession in a bright and truthful light."

Thank you, everyone, for sharing the stories about what makes this profession a truthful light to you and allowing others to learn from and follow your glow.

We hope that you all continue to share your experiences, read about others', and grow within the field of physical therapy.

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