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Physical Therapy Day of Service

10/17/2015, 9:45am EDT
By Meg Simonetti, PT, DPT, MSHA, FMSc

I am sitting on my couch, watching the news, before I get ready for my day. I can't help but feel antsy, excited, almost anxious. But what is it about today thats different? There have been many Saturday's that I go volunteer for the local donation center. There are plenty of weekends that I have spent at association meetings (I have been involved with the American Physical Therapy Association at different capacities over the years and today I happen to have the IPTA Board of Directors Meeting). I have completed races and fun runs that donate to a good cause, but what is it about today that is so... special?


Today is the first ever formal Physical Therapy Day of Service.


So that begs another question, why is Physical Therapy Day of Service evoking such emotion? Why is it so attractive to people? Why are millenials embracing this day with full force? These questions have been digging at me since the inception of this idea.


I have been a colleague, mentee, peer, but most of all friend to Efosa and Josh for years now and their humble answer to these questions about PTDOS is simple - it was an idea. Well something about this idea is more. So, as I sit on my couch getting ready for my day of service, it strikes me. I found my answer.


PTDOS is more than a service project.

PTDOS is more than an opportunity to give.

PTDOS is more than a sacrifice time, money, or effort.

PTDOS is more than  a chance to network.

PTDOS is more than a social media fad.


PTDOS is a VOICE. Today, people will hear me say "I want to help. I am here to help. I am a physical therapist and I am here to serve."


"I can make a difference."


I hope you all go out today and your voice is heard. We all have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and be a catalyst for positive change. We all have today to let the world know that physical therapist are more than just medical professionals - we are givers, servers, sacrificers, networkers, leaders, teachers, healers, innovators, helpers, believers.


Have a great day.

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