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Raising the "Barre" in Performing Arts Medicine: Promoting the Health of Every Performing Artist

09/05/2013, 4:00pm EDT, By Maria Arini, PT, DPT

Let's Help Keep the Arts at a High Level

Physical Therapy Advocacy

08/24/2013, 6:45pm EDT, By Bradley Grohovsky, PT, DPT

Fight for our Patient's and Profession

On Burnout: Recognize and Revitalize

08/24/2013, 10:15am EDT, By Josh D'Angelo, PT, DPT

Let's Talk about Staying Cool

The Power of Language

07/24/2013, 5:45am EDT, By Mark Shepherd, PT, DPT, OCS

Find the Right Words

Thinking with the Right Side of My Collar

07/14/2013, 11:30pm EDT, By LT Samantha E. Letizio, PT, DPT

Comfortable in Camouflage

A New Vision Statement

07/09/2013, 10:30pm EDT, By Daniel Dale, PT, DPT

Let's See It Through

Leading With Your Heart

07/01/2013, 7:00pm EDT, By Efosa L. Guobadia, PT, DPT

Service is My Passion


06/12/2013, 11:15pm EDT, By Amy Arundale, PT, DPT, PES, CES

There is Always Something to Learn

Daniel Dale, PT, DPT

The House of Delegates: Policy and the Profession

06/01/2013, 2:45pm EDT, By Daniel Dale, PT, DPT

Ideas and Action

The Importance of Teamwork

Skillsets and Utility Belts

05/16/2013, 2:00pm EDT, By Chris Garland, PTA

The Importance of Teamwork

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Displaying Results 71 - 80 of 94