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TMJ, Neck and Trunk


1) Will I have trouble chewing gum on a certain side of my mouth if I have left sided Bells Palsy, and if so which side?
2) What action does the lateral temporomandibular not check?
3) Which muscles are capable of doing right lateral deviation at the TMJ joint?
4) What is the relationship of the origin of the masseter to its insertion?
5) What is the relationship of the insertion of the medial pterygoid to its origin?
6) The efosalis muscle is an imaginary muscle of mastication. Its origin is postero-lateral-superior to its insertion. What actions would you suspect it to do?
7) With Hip Flexion what pelvic tilt are you getting and what is happening at lumbar spine?
8) With lumbar flexion what pelvic tilt are you getting and what is happening at hip?
9) Would you suspect a loss of sensation on any part of your face if you were having trouble chewing gum? If so which part of your face would definitely have loss of sensation?
10) The Posterior Longitudianal Ligament is a continuation of which other ligament?
11) What ligament is the supraspinous ligament a continuation of?
12) How many ligaments check flexion at AO joint?
13) Which ligaments cross both the AA joint and AO joint?
14) Define spina bifida.
15) Define spondylolisthesis.
16) Which cervical vertebra has the widest transverse process?
17) Hanging on a bar with feet of the ground and you crunch you knees up and to the left. Which way is trunk rotating?
18) Which muscle is performing an open chain contraction? (Continuation of 17)
19) Which muscle is performing a closed chain contraction? (Continuation of 17)
20) Which branch of the trigeminal nerve comes out of the mental foramen?
21) Is the basilar part of the occiput bone anterior or posterior to foramen magnum?
22) Is the TMJ anterior or posterior to External acoustic meatus?
23) What innervates skin over the nose?
24) What innervates the skin over the forehead?
25) Does anterior band, posterior band, or do both bands (of articular disc) move with the condyle? (Normal functioning TMJ)
26) How many muscles of mastication do depression at TMJ joint? What are they?
27) If my facial muscles are drooping on the right side will I have problem chewing chicken on that side?
28) Which sections of the Vertebral Colum are considered lordotic/secondary/concave? (Choices are cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum)
29) T or F – to increase space in vertebral canal I will extend the spine.
30) What does the articular facet on the axis – articulate with?
31) What does the inferior articular face of atlas articulate with?
32) True or false – all muscles with the term capitis in its name insert into the skull cap.
33) If no, which one(s) do not?
34) What sulcus of the heart does the circumflex run in?
35) Nerves that innervate the internal obliques?
36) The subclavian artery and brachial plexus pass between which two muscles in the neck?
37) T or F - the greater occipital nerve passes from under the obliquus capitis inferiors.
38) What artery does the circumflex anastamose with?
39) What artery does the Right interventricular artery anastomose with?