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Horizontal Adduction (Two Angles)

Horizontal Adduction Test (anterior view)

Horizontal Adduction Test (lateral view)

Sensitivity, Specificity
Likelihood Ratio +/-
Horizontal Adduction Test
Tests for AC joint damage or sub- acromial impingement
 With the patient in a sitting position the examiner stands with one hand on the posterior aspect of the shoulder to stabilize the trunk and the other hand holding the subjects elbow of the arm being tested. With the trunk stabilized the examiner passively moves the shoulder into maximum horizontal adduction.
Sensitivity: Impingement = 233-824
Rotator Cuff Tear= 904
AC joint pathology = 775
Impingement =284-823
Rotator Cuff Tear = 294
AC pathology = 795
Impingement =1.373-1.774
Rotator Cuff Tear = 3.634
AC pathology =12.625
Impingement =1.134-1.273
Rotator Cuff Tear=1.274
AC pathology = 3.665
Impingement = .644-.933
Rotator Cuff Tear= .354
AC pathology = .295

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